acupuncture bath needles
acupuncture bath needles

Back Pain

Back pain and also sciatica are such common complaints that many people do not seek treatment and endure often quite significant pain for prolonged periods. This is a great pity as properly understood and managed, back pain & sciatica respond very well to treatment.

In Chinese medicine, lower back pain is primarily seen as a “Kidney energy disharmony”. Other terms such as “damp, stagnation and cold” are also used to further define the type of pain being experienced depending on whether the pain is sharp, achey or stiff. Radiation of the pain into one or both legs is seen as a progression of the “Kidney energy disharmony”.

Often a variety of treatment styles is required including cupping, Tuina and moxibustion. Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises may also be recommended as part of rehabilitation.

back pain acupuncture

Back Pain Acupuncture Testimonials

“I was limping quite badly from the pain in my hip and down my leg for several months. I found a course of Barbara’s acupuncture relieved this enormously and I now walk normally and without pain. My right knee which is sensitive with osteoarthritis has also benefited with a course of treatment. I find Barbara’s approach very sympathetic and gentle.”
(Mrs C)

“I was once a non-believer and hated the thought of needles, but after my first acupuncture treatment I knew it was for me. Pains in my left leg are now kept under control, my lower back is treated with good results and my neck and shoulders are on continuous maintenance. Barbara creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere and I leave feeling much better. Don’t suffer, giver acupuncture a try!”
(Mrs J)