acupuncture bath needles
acupuncture bath needles

Pulse & Tongue

In Chinese Medicine, palpation of the pulse and observation of the tongue have always been crucial components of a traditional diagnosis. This is particularly useful in the treatment of children but also when it is difficult to accurately describe a condition such as pain.

The pulse is taken on the radial artery of both wrists and is checked for rhythm and rate, as in Western Medicine, and also a further 30+ different qualities, each offering unique insights into the state of the body’s internal organ function. The pulse is measured according to its speed, regularity, depth, shape, size and intensity, among others.

Tongue diagnosis offers further valuable insights: it presents not only a visual picture of the current state of the internal organs but also an understanding of how conditions have progressed over time. We generally all start out with a pinkish tongue, however, over time lines, coating and swellings appear and the colour and texture of your tongue will change, these are all subtle signs of imbalance and disease in Chinese Medicine.

During your treatment the pulse is taken to ensure that needles are correctly positioned and that the treatment is taking effect. Over time, you may notice subtle changes to your tongue body or shape.