acupuncture bath needles
acupuncture bath needles

Women’s Health

Menstrual, fertility and menopausal irregularities are not experienced by all women. But they are so common that they are often normalised and accepted as being part of what it is to be “a woman”. And yet sometimes symptoms can be truly debilitating.

The consultation is an opportunity to pay close attention to all phases of the menstrual cycle. Symptoms such as bloating, pain, blood colour, flow and quantity are all indicators of subtle imbalances. They indicate weaknesses or stagnation in the flow of Qi and Blood and the process of diagnosis aims to uncover any physical, emotional or environmental contributing factors.

Acupuncture can be used either as a stand-alone treatment or as a complementary therapy. Advice on diet and lifestyle is given to help you progress more quickly. With menstrual irregularities or for fertility and IVF/ICSI procedures, treatment is given at each phase of the cycle.

Women’s Health Acupuncture Testimonials

“I decided to try acupuncture for fertility support as we had been trying to conceive for nearly 18 months and my periods were irregular. A friend had suggested the positive influence of acupuncture on fertility. The first month after starting treatment with Barbara I had a 28 day cycle and within 3 months I fell pregnant. I wholeheartedly believe that acupuncture helped to prepare me physically and emotionally for a pregnancy. I continued to see Barbara during the first trimester to alleviate morning sickness. I visited Barbara during a difficult second pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy I felt noticeably calmer, relaxed and energised after each session. Barbara has a wonderful calming approach. I found it beneficial to share any particular worries or stresses with Barbara at the start of each session. I would recommend acupuncture without hesitation and Barbara especially.” (Mrs R)