acupuncture bath needles
acupuncture bath needles


The ancient classical texts offer guidelines on how to use acupuncture for male and female infertility, but research in the UK and overseas has now produced evidence-based protocols on how to support the latest fertility interventions including IVF and ICSI.

During your acupuncture treatment, close attention is paid to all phases of the menstrual cycle. With infertility, symptoms such as PMT, mid-cycle pain, irregular or painful periods, are all important indicators of underlying imbalances. With men, problems with sperm count, concentration and motility each indicate subtle energetic imbalances.

During IVF, acupuncture is a safe treatment which research has shown to improve egg and embryo quality, regulate hormones and strengthen the immune system.

Acupuncture can also be safely used during pregnancy for such symptoms as nausea, the turning of breech babies and labour induction. Once baby is born, general immunity, post-natal depression and lactation difficulties are other common conditions presented in the treatment room.

Fertility Acupuncture Testimonials

“I had given up on having a baby. I persisted with acupuncture to balance my gynaecological system and at 42 I had a baby. I feel that regular treatment throughout the pregnancy was hugely beneficial to keep my body balanced and prepare for birth. Barbara has a really calm and gentle manner and I always feel much better after.”
(Mrs P)

“After struggling to conceive for 5 years I saw Barbara for a course of treatment before my first round of IVF and then throughout my first trimester. I don’t know if it was the treatment or the calmness it gave me through this stressful time, but the IVF was a success and I truly credit Barbara’s treatment in helping this.”
(Mrs E)

“I decided to try acupuncture for fertility support as we had been trying to conceive for nearly 18 months and my periods were irregular. A friend had suggested the positive influence of acupuncture on fertility. The first month after starting treatment with Barbara I had a 28 day cycle and within 3 months I fell pregnant. I wholeheartedly believe that acupuncture helped to prepare me physically and emotionally for a pregnancy. I continued to see Barbara during the first trimester to alleviate morning sickness. I visited Barbara during a difficult second pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy I felt noticeably calmer, relaxed and energised after each session. Barbara has a wonderful calming approach. I found it beneficial to share any particular worries or stresses with Barbara at the start of each session. I would recommend acupuncture without hesitation and Barbara especially.”
(Mrs R)