acupuncture bath needles
acupuncture bath needles

Diet & Lifestyle

As with any system of medicine, what we eat and how we live can make a huge difference to our health and wellbeing.

In Chinese Medicine we attribute specific properties to different types of food, classifying them in the same way we do Chinese herbs: hence some foods are heating, others are cooling, drying, moistening. Others have the ability to move our circulation, whilst others are better at strengthening our immunity.

There are many opinions on what constitutes “a healthy diet” and my aim is not to give you a “new” diet to follow. Instead, the focus is to help you understand your digestion better: to become more adept at identifying foods which your digestion struggles with.

There may be some generalised advice, but there will also be advice offered which is particular to you: do you have obvious symptoms like anaemia, bloating, diarrhoea, or reflux or do you have subtle signs like a yellow tongue coat and a “slippery” pulse?

Sometimes there is nothing we can do to change our lifestyle, at least not easily, but there may be contributors to ill-health which we are unaware of: for example cold water swimming when we’re trying to conceive.

My aim in sharing my knowledge of Chinese Medicine with you is to help you to speed up your recovery