acupuncture bath needles
acupuncture bath needles


Emotional wellbeing is hard to define but we might describe it as the absence of anxiety, depression and mental distress. It may also be an awareness that “something is not right”. Acupuncture is very good at boosting energy levels and creating an inner sense of calm and wellbeing.

At a deeper level, Traditional Chinese Medicine links emotional and physical symptoms to the wellbeing of each of the main organs. According to ancient Chinese philosophy we experience life through the five main elements which are found in nature; Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal. The Five Element style of acupuncture looks for imbalances in these elements as explanations for emotional or physical symptoms.

Wood represents our capacity to grow and gives us the structure and flexibility to create our own futures. Fire gives us the capacity to be warm and open, to love and be loved. Its function is to help us relate. Earth gives us the ability to nurture ourselves and others and helps us feel centred and grounded. Metal gives us the capacity to see the quality and value of life and gives us our sense of self worth. Water helps us find our inner power and the will and drive to fulfil the potential given to us at birth.


Wellbeing Acupuncture Testimonials

“Although aware of acupuncture, until a couple of years ago I had not personally experienced it. When you visit a GP with a problem, they will try and diagnose the “disease” and then try and control the symptoms. You invariably come away with a prescription. From my sessions with Barbara, Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at your body in a completely different way. Holistic is a much-used phrase and has connotations of the hippy movement. It is however the approach used. There is no one exact reason for illness. There are imbalances with all our lifestyles, there is the overwhelming powerful effect of our own mind, and there are environmental effects. I unreservedly recommend this approach to better health and you couldn’t visit a better practitioner. Barbara will patiently guide you with a wealth of knowledge.”
(Mrs M)

“I’ve been having acupuncture on and off for about 5 years. I’ve had it for things like period pains, cold symptoms and sleep patterns. I find it really relaxing and it works really fast for me. I found it especially effective around my GCSEs relieving stress and anxiety..”
(Mrs A)